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Welcome to Kingdom Kids Academy Learning Center, a quality Early Childhood Education program in Salisbury, North Carolina – a new, innovative and affordable concept in preschool education.

We offer excellent and varied programs designed to meet the needs of your family. We are staffed with qualified and dedicated teachers selected for their love of children and the Lord. Programs are available for children ages 3 to 5 years old. Our Preschool program is designed for 3, 4 and 5-years of age to prepare them for kindergarten.


We offer the best child care services for the best value...

Affordable Tuition with Convenient Payment Options

Multi-child discounts

All-inclusive tuition rates & fees


First-class learning in a nurturing environment for your child and peace-of-mind for parents.


Age-appropriate curriculum

Flexible hours and enrollment plans

Strict safety policies and CPR/First Aid Certified Staff





As their preschool learning grows through exposure to phonics, numbers, art, poetry, and the Bible, three-year-old’s become students naturally and gain a strong foundation for kindergarten.


In order to build reading skills, our preschoolers must:

  • Recites rhymes, songs, and poems.
  • Is surrounded by words and labeled objects in their classrooms.
  • Begins to recognize letters and their sounds.
  • Reads, listens to, and talks about books.




Five-year-old’s and up


As children get older and more independent, they need new challenges. That’s why Kingdom Kids Academy Learning Center offer a school-age program for before and after school care and enrichment programs that addresses the changing and more varied needs of growing school-age children. Reading, Math, Bible, Writing, and Science



  Our preschool curriculum provides developmentally-appropriate learning opportunities to encourage your child to be confident, successful, life-long


 The early years are critical to your child’s positive growth and development and they are zealous to learn new skills; experience challenging

 opportunities and be encouraged for their strengths and talents. We ensure every child is receiving the creative learning experiences they require

 and that they developing physically, intellectually, and socially. Our activities, games, and curriculum are all  formulated to engage your child’s

 natural curiosity and provide a foundation for lifelong success.

 Preparing your child to succeed in school and in life is the core of our child care curriculum.

 Our Curriculum Focus

 In our classrooms, we include daily instructions and activities targeted toward these essential developmental areas:

  • Physical
  • Language
  • Cognitive
  • Social-emotional
  • Literacy
  • Math
  • Science & technology
  • Social studies
  • Arts



At Kingdom Kids Academy Learning Center, we find using Exploration and Discovery as a way of Learning our Preschool Curriculum which enables children to develop confidence, creativity, and lifelong critical thinking skills.


Kingdom Kids Academy Learning Center uses Cubbies Christ-Centered Curriculum in developing preschoolers to respect God, their parents, teachers and one another.


We use varies Christ-Centered Curriculums: Chubby Cubby offers us monthly curriculum for our children 3-5- years. This theme-based curriculum is great for our preschool.  It is designed to allow our preschool aged children to do the same activities making it ideal for mixed age groups.


Abeka-A Christ-Like-Curriculum

As part of the Abeka program, our entire program has been developed from a Christian viewpoint, planting and bursting seeds of faith in children all through the year.


Age Appropriate

We like Abeka because it is an age appropriate curriculum for preschool that takes into consideration the differences in motor skills and cognitive abilities among preschoolers. with Abeka, our preschoolers will experience early success at realistic learning milestones.


Engaging and Fun

Any early childhood education program should recognize that preschoolers yearn for hands-on activities. The Abeka preschool curriculum fosters preschool learning with colorful, durable resources that invite lots of child involvement


Kingdom Kids Academy Learning Center Preschoolers are developing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills they will need to

succeed in school.



A great team is what makes our center and our family care network so great. We provide the innovative and creative benefits to attract, hire and retain top teachers and support staff. We offer competitive pay for qualified candidates. Our program is committed to providing high quality care to the children and families that we serve. Our staff is dedicated to a collaborative approach and to continued professional growth individually and as a group.

Job Opportunities

We are looking for outstanding people to join our fantastic team! We offer great professional and career growth opportunities. Currently we are inviting applications for:

  • Lead Teachers (Full Time and Part Time)
  • Assistant Teachers (Full Time and Part Time)
  • Support Staff (Full Time and Part Time)

We are looking for teachers that are committed to supporting children's learning, have strong working ethics, are passionate about teaching, enthusiastic, creative, reliable and to be part of a supportive team.




Enrolling and/or reserving a future space for your child is simple. Contact us to schedule a time for you and your child to visit us in our center. We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have. During your visit, you will have the opportunity to meet us and learn more about what we have to offer. This time spent gives all involved an opportunity to get to know one another and to make sure that all personalities mix well. This is important and helps to ensure that all parties are comfortable with their surroundings and expectations. After this on site visit, the registration process may begin. There are various forms to be completed and others to be read. Once they are read, completed, signed, and the deposit has been paid, your child's space has been reserved and the final step is to decide on a start date

Enrollment Forms

 Enrollment forms can be requested, filled out on line; download and sent by email; or bring the registration form during a visit.

Tuition & Fees

We strive to provide your family with the best child care services for the best value. We offer a strong educational program that delivers high-quality teachers and a carefully-designed curriculum for every age group in our preschool. Our rates are competitive with other high-quality child care programs in our area and if you would like specific tuition rates, please contact us for more details.



Email registration to the school’s email (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.), or download registration form and bring the form to:

 Kingdom Kids Academy Learning Center

 413 N. Shaver Street

 Salisbury, NC  28144

Click here to Download the Registration Form





We know that good nutrition contributes to effective learning in children. Numerous studies have demonstrated that eating breakfast regularly will boost your child's ability to learn, to think quickly, to pay attention and even to get along with others. One recent study on childhood nutrition found that those who eat breakfast raise their math grades and improve their school attendance records. Children who regularly have breakfast in the morning solve problems more easily and are less likely to be restless or irritable before lunch. Other studies indicate that skipping breakfast has a negative effect on attentiveness, verbal fluency, memory and the brain's ability to make use of new information.

Our child nutrition program includes breakfast, lunch and two snacks – one in the morning, one in the afternoon. Every lunch and snack is nutritionally balanced and meets requirements regarding food components and portion size.

Meals Calendar

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Good nutrition contributes to effective learning in children.











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